9-12 gennaio 2023

SteelFab Sharjah

That SteelFab is the foremost trade event for the metal working industry in the UAE and the Middle East is a known fact. Now, with the UAE government adopting policies to speed up digital transformation of the industrial sector in the country, SteelFab has emerged as a game changer for the regional metal working industry. What makes it indispensable is its role in helping regional players develop digital capabilities that would help them gain an edge in a hypercompetitive market.

Though the main focus of the event is the metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication industry, sectors like oils & gas, construction, manufacturing, electrical, ship building and several others allied industries count on SteelFab for customized solutions and services. Economic growth is fueling demand from these sectors which in turn is prompting fabricators to adopt programmed production practices and latest technologies to deliver products and services quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices.