• Rolls are hardened and polished or covered in urethane depending on steel material
  • Rolls without crowning for different sheet heigths and thicknesses
  • 2 hydraulic motors coupled to planetary gear for rotation of the two central rolls.
  • Automatic compensation of the peripheral speed of the top roller.
  • Drive-touch controls and hydraulic valves.
  • Push buttons control the parallel movements of side rollers and rotation.
  • Hydraulic movement of bending rolls.
  • Electronic parallelism management through PLC and proportional valves.
  • Adjustment of the pinching by regulator and pressure gauge with a special outside switch on the machine

The plate bending machine 4RHV is a machine built with hardened rolls, which can be wrapped in urethane, to allow manufactures with stainless steel materials avoiding contamination.

The two central motors allow the rotation of the central rolls and the automatic compensation of the peripheral speed of the upper roll. The controls are
operated by buttons and hydraulic valves; among them there are also push-button controls that make it possible to move the side rolls in parallel and to rotate.

As for the side rolls and the lower roll, they are operated with a hydraulic system. Electronic parallelism control is possible thanks to the PLC and the proportional valve of the machine. On the other hand, the clamping pressure is adjusted by the appropriate regulator and pressure gauge outside the machine.