Traffic barriers

The steel bending process of these machines depends on the operation of hydraulic motors, in the meantime a separated control desk allows to perform different operations regarding the descent, the rise and the rotation of the rolls. Thanks to our machines, the metal bending is easier and more effective, on any kind of process. Especially, for bending in and out guardrails 2 waves is planned the addition of containment rings on the equipment.
Our 60 years of experience and the strict attention to current regulations in each country, have allowed us to produce steel bending machines with great performance even as the time goes by.


Processing of any type of metal profile


Hydraulic engines


Separate control desk

Traffic barrier machines

Corrugated Sheet Metal Machine

In addition to special machines for bending corrugated sheets, IMCAR creates bending machines for guard rail, which are dedicated to the bending of dividing and protective metal sections.

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