The strength and efficiency of IMCAR plate bending machines

The bending process is a deformation operation which allows to give the sheet a certain curvature. This process takes place thanks to the plate bending machine, which allows the passage of the metal sheets in two, three or four rolls machines and according to the pinching, the correct positioning of the rolls and their rotation, which can take place manually from control desk or with numerical control, they generate cylindrical pipes, conical or polycentric shapes of different thicknesses.  
IMCAR offers an unmatched selection of new and used plate bending machines suitable for thin or thick plates, actually there is a large range of machines from the asymmetric three rolls machines or the Hi-Tech models, which allow a bending process with perfect pre-bending and guarantee great precision, repeatability of the finished product and a very rapid working cycle, up to the three rolls traditional machines and the variable geometry ones, as well as also the 4 rolls machines versatile, accurate and easy to use with the advantage of ensuring high productivity. To find the most suitable plate bending machine according to the requirements, IMCAR puts his experience at the service of customers: first we evaluate the type of work to be done and secondly we refer to the technical department in order to find the best solution.