Automatic systems, the maximum efficiency for the automatic sheet metal bending

The automatic bending systems represent an evolution in the field of sheet metal bending. The efficient IMCAR automatic systems ensure consistent reliability and quality of bending since the first piece. The advantage that brings an automatic handling system of the pieces consists in a higher production speed, accuracy of the finished workpiece and ease of use. In addition, the customers will have the possibility to realize specific bending, to meet their needs. IMCAR produces two models of automatic bending systems, in fact, depending on the sheet thicknesses the pneumatic or hydraulic Hi-tech model will be used.
The automatic bending machine model Hi-Tech has 4 rolls and has total pre-bending, a productive equipment of high efficiency that reduces the manual production times and allows the reduction of the initial unbent part, making it almost non-existent. The Hi-Tech is designed to produce in a short time cylindrical or multi-radius parts in one step by pressing a single button. This series has standard equipment that includes motor-driven upper and pinching rolls, hardened and ground rolls, high speed bending, compact structure, vertical support, the automatic sheet alignment system, loading system from pallet, automatic opening of the drop-end at the end of cycle and ejection system of the finished piece. IMCAR offers customized automatic bending systems for each customer.