Vertical installations

After several years of experience in horizontal lines for the production of small and medium-sized tanks, IMCAR has designed and implemented an innovative technology for the production of medium and large tanks, vertical installations that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, from oil, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, wine and beverages, to gases or liquids. This technology is a turnkey solution dedicated to achieve a high level of manufacturing quality. Vertical plants allow to produce tanks efficaciously and efficiently, without the famous “barrel effect”, and the operations of bending, cutting, welding, surface cleaning and coupling of the shells can be performed by only two or three operators. Furthermore, by working vertically, certain safety risks encountered in traditional horizontal production are avoided; the operators always work on the ground, as the forming and assembly processes take place from top to bottom, lifting the already finished silos and adding the other shells underneath until the tank body ends.
These technologies are specifically designed for use in the workshop or directly on site, building on site large capacity silos of a quality equal to the workshop production. Vertical systems can be used in various industrial sectors, particularly in the food sector, such as for example breweries. In addition, many accessory machines can be added to complete the production of tanks: presses with manipulators for small and medium-thickness, shearing and flanging machines, dished head cleaning manipulators, forming of support feet for storage silos and welding of the half-pipe for the cooling process. Vertical systems are the result of the collaboration between IMCAR and its customers, whose experiences and requests are weaved perfectly. Our customers can count on a high level of technical staff training, offering a consultancy service, site inspection and technical assistance on site.”