2 rolls bending machine

  • Machine fully hydraulic which let produce in automatic cycle: initial pre-bending-rotation-final pre-bending-open machine
  • Fast cycle productions: till 4-6 pieces per minute
  • Precision in production
  • Possibility to put the machine in automatic lines
  • Steel top roll and motorized bottom roll made of Polyurethane
  • Perfect circular shape in just one passage
  • Fast connection of top roll
  • Feeding table with alignment square
  • Special rolls for small diameters
  • Special Flex-Roll for easy change of diameter through manual adjustment

The two-roll bending machines is a fully automatic machine that allows the initial pre-bending, bending and the final pre-bending in a single pass. Bending times are thus made faster, in fact they can be made from 4 to 6 pieces per minute.

The speed does not sacrifice the precision of the machining, which in fact always remains very high. You can add the machinery in automatic production lines. The upper roll is made of steel and can be replaced quickly while the lower one, in addition to being motorized, is covered with urethane.

There are also roll to make small diameters and a special Flex Roll, which allows you to change the diameter only thanks to a manual adjustment. In a single pass it is possible to make a shell without flat and perfectly circular parts. The feeding table is equipped with an alignment team.