Construction and carpentry

In the profile and plate bending machine catalogue of our company there’s a wide range of machine for earth-moving and demolition, but also carpentry products, like metal structures. Plate bending machines used for construction are usually 3 or 4 rolls, depending on the manufacturing needs, they are designated for the bending of high resistance plates used for earth-moving. Thanks to the numerical control desk, you have the opportunity to bend different shapes and work automatically.

The profile bending machines for the carpentry’s industry allow to obtain metal structures, used in the airports, bridges and stadiums. These machines offer the opportunity of greatly increasing the effectiveness of the work performed.




Excellent results


3 or 4 roll bending

Machinery for construction and carpentry

calandra a 3 rulli IMCAR

3 rolls bending machine

The IMCAR 3-roll bending machine is a hydraulic machine, with a very sturdy structure, processed with CNC machines.

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4 rolls bending machine

The IMCAR 4-roll bending machine is a machine characterized by an extremely sturdy structure, processed with CNC machines.

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