Profile bending machines

For over 60 years IMCAR manufactures profile bending machines with the purpose of customer satisfaction. Research, design and production are always directed to the manufacturing of machines which guarantee reliability, resistance and high performance over the years, even when subjected to heavy workloads. The universal IMCAR bending machines combine the solid construction and machining precision with the latest technological innovations that make them unrivaled for power, maneuverability and performance. The structures of the profile bending machines are built with very thick steel of only certified quality and are electro-welded and heat treated to eliminate residual internal stresses.
The three driving rolls allow an excellent entrainment of the material to be bent, in any condition, even when bending delicate materials. The independent guide rolls adjustable in three dimensions, provided as standard in CPH series, allow to check the straightening of the profile and correct the tendency to twisting of asymmetric profiles.