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Banco per la saldatura

Il banco di formatura e saldatura coni nasce dall’esigenza di fornire un’unica soluzione in grado di formare e saldare i coni per differenti applicazioni, permettendo un grande vantaggio in termini di costi e di rapidità di produzione.
La traslazione verticale permette di lavorare sia tubi sia coni di differenti diametri e grazie al controllo numerico è possibile gestire in automatico la saldatura; mentre la sequenza di allineamento e bloccaggio del pezzo avviene manualmente.


  • 3 rolls plate bending machine with variable geometry
  • Machine fully hydraulic
  • Easy and precise solution for conical application
  • Structure and components designed to withstand heavy use over the long term with reduced maintenance
  • Great performance on pre-bending with flat part shorter than 2 x thickness
  • Great flexibility of the machine with the
    option of upper roll quick replacement

The 3RHT is a machine fully hydraulic with 3 variable geometry’s rolls which are able to bend steel plates up to 100mm thickness. All the three rolls have an independent movement and the parallelism is managed through proportional valves and electronic systems.

The bending capacity is equal to about twice that of pre-bending thanks to the chance of increasing the lower roll distance. The increase of the distance still allows the same thrust. The 3RHT has a great performance on pre-bending for what it concerns: flat part shorter than 2 x thickness.

The lateral rolls have an automatic electronic-hydraulic system of braking. The conical applications are made easy and precise thanks to this machine. The calibration of rolled and welded plates can be done by using the roll like a traditional press-brake machine. This machine allows you to save cost for what concerns the foundation costs, in fact the 3RHT works in a reduced height thanks to the horizontal movement of the rolls.

The machine’s flexibility is a strength point of the 3RHT together with the upper roll quick replacement. The structure and the components are all designed to support an heavy use over the long term with reduced maintenance