Tanks for storage

IMCAR is specialized in the production of stations dedicated in the making of storage silos, a vertical technology for the production of tanks, with medium and bigger sizes.
These include different machineries characterized of very high construction and quality standards,
which make them able to satisfy different kinds of industries, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil&gas, etc.
The stations, dedicated in the manufacture of storage silos, allow an incredible saving of time and
space, the possibility to realize a material’s cleaning operation at a reasonable price, the opportunity of working on special steels and a thickness up to 25mm, the elimination of the “barrel effect”, the automatic forming and welding of cooling half pipe around the tank bodies, the easy movement of the stations, which can be installed on field.
Moreover, working in vertical, all risks arising from traditional horizontal production can be avoided.
A turn-key solution which let achieve high quality level of manufacture, offering to the customers the best solutions as concerns both efficacy and efficiency.


First workstation

The processes of rolling, cutting, welding, and surface cleaning of the weld are carried out vertically to obtain the finished cylinder with the intervention of only one or two operators.


Second workstation

IMCAR's machinery for silo production and storage allows for the alignment of the shells one on top of the other without the use of rings, and subsequent manual spot welding.


Third workstation

Finally, the process continues with automatic circular welding with internal copper support and gas to simplify parameter setting and ensure better penetration.

Tanks for storage machinery


Vertical station

After several years of experience on horizontal lines for the production of small and medium tanks, IMCAR projected and realized an innovative technology for the production of these.

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The SIHVR IMCAR’s machine is a complete hydraulic machine, which can work in vertical and horizontal ways; in addition the control desk is provided with wheels, this makes it easier to control the machine.

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The plate bending machine 4RHV is a machine built with hardened rolls, which can be wrapped in urethane, to allow manufactures with stainless steel materials avoiding contamination.

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Accessory machines

IMCAR offers to his customers a wide range of accessory machines used for the completing of vertical stations.

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