Plate bending machines for shipyards and off-shore platforms

With the plate bending machines for naval industry it is possible to satisfy a wide range of requirements in the shipbuilding sector: the plate and profile bending machines can be custom or standard, so as to satisfy every request for the production of the sections of the different curved parts of which there can be need in this industrial area. The solutions are 3 or 4 rolls machines.

Plate bending machines for off-shore platforms

Also the plate bending machines designed for the off-shore platforms are part of the range of solutions made available by Imcar, which, according to the required capacity and productivity that customers need, provides plate bending machines for sheets of great thickness. These are high-strength 3 or 4-roll plate bending machines, which allow metal sheet to be bended and the components of oil platforms to be made and not only. As for the plate bending machines for the naval industry, also in this case the technology guarantees excellent results.