Dished heads bending machines

With the production and distribution of dished heads press and flanging machines, IMCAR is able to meet the needs of all companies in the sector by providing them with state-of-the-art solutions from a technological point of view: the merit is a both productive and technical know-how, constantly evolving, which becomes ever wider and more profitable thanks to an experience of more than half a century. The line for the production of dished heads includes the flanging machines and the presses with manipulators, allowing to meet the needs of those who deal with the production of dished heads, also conical and flat, for the construction of pressure vessels, tanks and silos that can be used in a wide variety of sectors. These are machines that, precisely for the purposes for which they are intended, must be able to guarantee at the same time high productivity and remarkable performance.
Our presses and flanging machines for dished heads are designed, conceived and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of reliability and top performance both in terms of reduction of lamination and achievement of tolerances. The selection of carefully selected materials and the continuous interaction with customers, aimed at identifying their needs with the utmost accuracy, enable us to provide machines for dished heads well-performing and long-lasting, capable of resisting without any difficulty to the physiological wear due to over time and mechanical stress.