Main features

IMCAR is a leading company in the production of welding benches, in particular automatic systems. The automatic welding system arises from a technical evolution of the standard one through the implementation of mechanical systems for loading, aligning, locking and welding pipes. IMCAR welding benches have a useful length from 1 to 6 meters and are manufactured for the longitudinal welding of sheets and of circular or rectangular pipes of 1 to 12mm thickness. The work cycle of this positioner for welding consists in the introduction of a pipe, which is supported both inferiorly and laterally, the longitudinal alignment, the clamping, the automatic welding and, at the end of the welding cycle, the machine releases the pipe for manual unloading and then it is automatically reset for a new working cycle. The extreme modularity offers a great versatility of use in various environments and applications ensuring maximum efficiency. The IMCAR automatic welding benches are designed and manufactured with particular attention to ergonomics and practical use by the operator: an ergonomic work station ensures a more efficient working process and reduces the risk for staff especially involved in case of prolonged activity.