Bending machine for pressure vessels and heat exchangers

Among IMCAR realizations there is also a line of plate bending machines designed for the production of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Heat exchangers are machines used in petrochemical complexes, whenever the exchange of heat between two fluids is required. Pressure vessels, on the other hand, are containers used to keep gas or fluids at a different pressure from the outside. These devices, generally, are characterized by steel structures of great thickness, obtained by bending sheets ranging from 20 mm to 100 mm. In the production of such machinery, not only significant productivity is required, but also absolute precision. Furthermore, in the production of heat exchangers and pressure vessels, the pre-bending processes are fundamental, in order to obtain the desired tolerances and to permit the bending of shells.
IMCAR plate bending machines dedicated to the production of heat exchangers and pressure vessels have all these characteristics, they are performing machines, destined to last over time. In addition to plate bending machines, it should not be forgotten that IMCAR produces machines for the production of dished heads, which are widely used in this sector. Our plate bending machines for heat exchangers and pressure vessels are a guarantee of reliability and quality.