Main features:

In recent years IMCAR has added to its product range the presses with manipulators, to offer to customers all the machineries necessary for the production of a complete silos. One of the strengths of our presses complete with manipulator, is the ease of machines operation with a single mobile control desk on wheels and essential controls for the management of the press and the manipulator functions, operations executed and controlled by a single operator. The manipulator performs all the movements in synchronism with the cylinder of the press; these movements can be simultaneous or individual and their logic sequence determines a cycle for the execution of the dished heads, starting from discs of metal sheets.

Some innovative technical solutions such as the particular construction of the main thrust cylinder, which increases the speed of the work cycles, allows to decrease the production time compared to traditional presses. Thanks to solid construction, these machines are reliable and can long endure even the toughest jobs. Over the years IMCAR has always been attentive to the needs of its customers and the market, for this reason it has added to its range of products this particular type of presses, a cutting-edge solution to the advantage of the customer!